About the ALD Foundation

David Cry, a lifelong resident of South Louisiana, started The Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) Foundation in response to his own diagnosis with Adrenomyeloneuropathy (AMN) in 1997. Just 29 years old when his legs became fitful, David fought hard to maintain his ability to walk for over a decade. Now more limited because of the progressive nature of AMN, David has been described by one doctor as the healthiest sick person you will ever meet. In his eyes, the challenges David has faced now serve as the fuel that drives him towards the many goals he has set.

Now an author, David's book, A Short Walk Home, has a scheduled release date of June 30, 2015. Never one to settle for the status quo, the energy and vitality David brings to his work each day has, and will continue, to benefit mankind. David lives in Slidell, Louisiana with his wife Jaymee and their son Brennan. After losing a son, Logan, to ALD in 2013, David's passion towards solutions was reignited.

He will not stop until viable solutions for all ALD related conditions have been attained.
When donating to The Adrenoleukodystrophy Foundation, you are actually making an investment. There are no enormous salaries. No stark overhead. Just one dedicated individual, a chief executive who answers his own phone. Who will not hire an assistant as he claims that when a family facing ALD calls, they need to converse with someone who has walked in their shoes. Money generated by the foundation is dedicated towards research. Although gene therapy is seen as an ambitious method of treatment for ALD, boys not eligible for this type of therapy remain. The need to find functional solutions for these young men remains high. Also, Adrenomyeloneuropathy (AMN), the adult, non -fatal form of ALD is a crippling condition. Working to generate a method of treatment for AMN is also a high priority. Additionally, raising awareness for all of these conditions is costly, and in David Cry's opinion, must be done. Funding for medical research is at an all time low.

Raising awareness of disorders in the ALD family will hopefully spurn growth in this realm, making it easier for researchers to devote significant attention towards solutions. Any donation made is 100% tax deductible. Should you require a tax receipt for your generosity, please indicate this when making your donation. Finally, thank you for your support. Without the generosity of so many, for so long, the tireless efforts put forth on behalf of the foundation would be impossible.