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Mom's Fight
By:Jean (Lewallen) Miklasz
My Mom, Barbara Jean Lewallen, went home to be with our Lord, Jesus Christ, December 13, 2011. Mom was a carrier of adrenoleukodystrophy as I her daughter, Jean, am. Being a carrier is harder than researcher's claim it is. Mom also had leukemia and had received 3 chemo treatments. She never fully recovered after the third treatment. I believe she had chemo brain and she ended up with a life like an Alzheimer's patient, not knowing anything. Talks about our carrier symptoms were many and often, now I suffer alone but Mom is healthy and happy in Heaven...Bless your heart Mom! It's been a hard road without you, Mom, but God's grace will bring me through. Praise God. Love U Mom

My Michael David Scroggins
By:Jennifer scroggins
David, you will always be loved and remembered. You made us all so happy. I thank God for choosing me to be your mom. Please ask Jesus to cure your brother from this dreadful disease. I look forward to meeting you at the gates and holding you in my arms again. XOXOXO

i will always be missing you John Michael
By:judy montalvo
i miss you so much my beloved son
words just can't even begin to describe what i am feeling you left us September 16,2009 and our lives changed forever.i want you to know that your brother jai will be with you soon u have more in common than other brothers. and sissy and i are both carriers showing symptoms. so the only good thing that i can say to you my love is we love you Till we meet again We are on our way

My rockstar Azza
By:angela scott
Aron, it has been 6 months since you left us for a life of eternal peace. You were my bestest bestest friend in the whole world. I hope your running, playing and are content in heaven. We had such a great time watching you grow into the coolest, most loving, little man. Your bravery and gift to love life is what you tought me. I miss you till I kiss you. Your auntie Angie.

Robert Rapisarda
By:Lauren LaLiberte (Rapisarda)
My father passed away from AMN in 1994. Although, we didn't have the closest of relationships, I misses him more with each passing day. My father was a courageous, giving, hard working man. I loved him very much and miss him dearly. God bless you, dad. Love, Lauren

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