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My brother was a wonderful man who never got to grow with his age of 36. He was diagnosed w/ALD when he was 15. Doctor's told us he wouldnt make it past 18. He was so strong & loved the Lord very much. My children got to share their lives with him everyday. It was a joy for him to see them grow as he would never have any of his own. We will miss him very much. He went to be with the Lord after suffering so much. We will all miss him so much.

Little JAD
By:Ziad Greig
Jad, was born on 21/01/1997, had a beautiful baby face, close to the heart, cool, but gets angry in seconds. He was always in fight with his older brother Tarek (9 Years old);
Jad was very smart at school, loved by his teachers. We remember his closer teacher, Miss Carole who accompanied him for 2 years especially after he broke his arm at the age of 4.Jad, for 10 months, suffered a lot from ALD. He followed the usual sequences of the disease.
Now Jad is a small angel. He went up to heaven on Easter day, Sunday 11/04/2004,. On the same day with Jesus. We thank God for this will.

By:Sally Bonsall-Bailey
My son, Joey, died from ALD at the age 9. He passed away February 17, 1985. Joey was a beautiful blond haired-blue eyed child. His eyes were as blue as the sky. He looked like a little Dutch boy.

Joey loved to play soccer and the number on his shirt was #1. I still have this shirt. Sometimes, I get it out and hold it close to my heart.

One day a little lost dog came to our house and Joey named her "Billy." Soon after "Billy" had puppies. It seemed as though Billy belonged to Joey from the start.

It has been several years now that Joey left us, but he is in our hearts and mind everyday. I wish you could have met Joey because he truly was an Angel.

Joey is missed so very much by Mom, Dad and little sister, Beth.

Andrew Beattie - Our Precious Angel
By:Karen Beattie
Andrew was born August 8th 1994. Andrew lived in Dunnville, Ontario Canada with his Mom Leslie, Dad Trever, little sister Emily, big sister Christina and big brother Ian. We can't forget Andrew's dogs Missy and Max. Andrew was a Grade 2 student at St. Michaels school.
On January 2rd, 2002 Andrew was diagnosed with ALD.
On May 8th 2003 Andrew succumbed to the disease at the age of 8.
I was Andrew's aunt and have dedicated my life to finding a cure for leukodystrophies.
Andrew loved motorcycles so for the past 2 years we have been holding a huge motorcycle show n shine to raise awareness for Leukodystrophies. Over 3000 people attended last year.
Andrew was a special little boy with a great sense of humour and very independent personality. He would have loved our event and so far his spirit hasn't missed one.
There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about him. Lets all pray that someday we can hold a celebration rather than fundraisers ,in that they found a cure for myelin diseases.

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