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Adam "Ad Man" John Lawson
By:Karan Lawson
My son was diagnosed in 1987 with ALD. He was 13. He was one of the first boys on Lorenzo's Oil and the diet. He did fine for quite a while but being a young man and wanting to fit in, he would eat things he shouldn't when he was away from home. When he was 20 he had a 6 hour Gran Mal seizure which was attributed to ALD. From then on he started having little problems. Loss of feeling in his lower lip and one of his arms. In 1995 we were talked into a stem cell transplant at Children's Hopsital in Orange County. Never thinking anything could/would go wrong he was admitted to the hospital in August, went through a week a chemo and then radiation and then had the tranplant. It was downhill from there for 4 months. It was heart breaking to go daily and see him die a little more each day from graf vs host. Finally after 4 months is passed away on November 27, 1995. It broke my heart and to this day I hurt but I know he is in heaven and if heaven has fried food, he is gobbling it up. He will always be loved and never forgotten as long as I am alive. I will do anything do help wipe out this disease. And as a carrier I am symptomatic, having problems with my legs and bladder. But thanks to a angel who came into my life, Jamie Barlow, I am getting the help I need to get my legs back to normal. God Bless her. I think this disease has finally stopped in my family though. I don't think my daughter is a carrier. At least my little grandson doesn't have ALD. I pray each night for a cure. It has gone on too long in my family, taking little boys born to my aunts.

our little "hebis" don lambert jr.
By:Bryan M.Whelan
We just lost my cousin on friday the 19TH of 2005,to this illness.It's only been 3 days now and he is deeply missed but he will never be forgotten.Don you were awsome you were and still are a great kid.I would also like to add that don has joined his brother tim who also had this disease. They both the joy of the family they would make you laugh when you most needed it.Tim & Don we miss you & love you guys and you will never ever be forgotten.We will be together again someday we love ya! your cousin Bryan

Our precious son"lil Adam" lost his battle with ALD Dec,07 2004. We miss him very much. His twin brother was saved by having a stem cell transplant by Fairview University located in Minnesota. Please always have faith that is always looking out for all of you. I thank God for allowing us all to have an angel like my son looking out for us. Love you always Adam,Mom & Dad.

He was my "bestest friend in the whole wide world." My cousin, Ryan, was diagnosed with ALD while we were children, and died before we were teenagers. I'll never forget, and I'll do whatever I can to keep someone else from having to hurt the way we do.

Christopher-Our Braveheart
By:Monica Keenan
Christopher immigrated with his family to the U.S.A from Scotland at the age of five .He was a very lively bright boy who loved swimming and playing his gameboy he had a special charm that was his uniquness and he was loved by all who met him .Christopher was diagnosed with A.L.D in June 2004 ,he had stem cell trnsplant on Sept 2004 but became unable to walk,or communicate within weeks .He was able to come home to his family and beloved Scotland one last time where he travelled to the angels on March 7th 2005 .The strength and courage he showed has made us continue to fight in his honour .We feel his spirit with us everyday and miss him so much the void in our lives is so vast and we long for the day we meet at rainbow bridge and we can hold him in our arms and never let him go .We love you always sweet boy .

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