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Mommy's angel Brycee
By:Bernadette Terra
I'm the mother of 4 boys, 3 of whom have ald. My oldest 16 has been bed ridden for 10 yrs, my youngest son andrew will be having a cord transplant tomorrow 4-26-06 @ucsf. My son Bryce had a bmt on 6-04. He developed problems and on 9-17-04 Bryce went home and he runs , smiles and laughs. We miss him so. My prays are with all who have to deal with this cruel disease.

Missing my friend.
One year ago today I lost one of my best friends to ALD. He showed me so much. He was such a happy person. I love him and I miss him. 4-20-05..

20 years and still missing them
By:Dee Brown
20 years ago this week- March 29, 1986 , I lost my older brother Derek to ALD. He was 22. May 15, 1986 I lost my only other sibling, my brother Darren to the same terrible disease. He was 15. 20 years later, I think somuch of how i was robbed of family and my children from having cousins and an uncle. No matter how much time passes, we never forget.
I miss them terribly.

My brother, my angel...
By:Kandy Magnotti
My brother, Colby Jonathan Cox died on July 9, 2005 at the age of 26 from ALD. He was a loving young man who always had a smile. As his big sister I thought I was the stronger one. But now that I look back he was stronger than I could ever be. He sufferred dearly towards the end and the solace I find is that he is no longer in pain and is finally with the Lord. Colby, I loved you before we were born, while you were alive and forver more. Until we meet again...
Love your sister,

my father, my best friend
By:Kristy Kane
My dad passed away atthe age of 53 in septemebr of 2005. Memories of my father bring a smile to my face and warmth to my heart. I could not have chosen a better man to be my dad. In my mind, he is the best father in the world and I told him this each and every day.

I will always remember his advice and admire his work ethic, sense of humor, and “get up and go” attitude. I always looked to him for guidance, protection, and love, and have built my character around what we have learned from him through the years. Thank you dad.

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