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My Son Joe
By:Dave Payne
Please take time to read my wifes story of her son who sadly passed away in August 2003. We have also created a guestbook if you wish to leave a message.

You can visit the site at

Many Thanks


I Love You Circles
By:Shawn Oakland
My son Taylor Ryan Oakland died on August 22, 2003, just 3 months before his 6th birthday. Taylor fought for his life for 17 months after being diagnosed with ALD. It was a long, very hard battle that entailed allot of pain and allot of tears. My thoughts and prayers are with all the families that have been through, or are currently struggling with the effects of this horrible disease. I am so glad now that my son is finally pain free and at peace. I miss your terribly Taylor and I Love You Circles.

RIP Dean
On the 3-8-2006 my cousin passed away from suffering with ALD for 2 and a half years. He was 11 years old. RIP Dean we miss you heaps and your always in our hearts and minds.

My brother Jeff
By:Paul Cody
On November 5, 1977, my brother Jeff died from ALD. He was 31 years old. He had had life-threatening health crises when a child and was diagnosed as having Addison's disease. He seemed to be stable in his health from his teens into his late twenties. Then began his decline. He finally was diagnosed as having ALD and became an NIH patient. He continued to decline, but only went into a coma four days before his death.

After all this time, Jeff is still one of the kindest, most generous people I have known in my life. I miss him everyday.

In Loving Memory Of Maxine Cross
Our Mother....
Full of strength and courage
Never gave up hope,
Beautiful in every way...
Loved by all who knew her.

Maxine Anne Cross
1 June 1956 - 20 July 2000
In God's loving care...

Our Mother passed away at the young age of 44 years. A happy go lucky lady, full of life, always smiling.
We miss you.

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