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In loving memory of Timothy Joseph Steeb
By:Jenniffer Steeb
Tim was born May 22, 1984 to proud parents Edward and Sondra, and welcoming sisters Jenniffer, Jodie, and Tracy. He died August 31, 2008, after a fifteen month battle with ALD, at the tender age of 24.
He often told us "All I have left is patience.", and he was. He never complained, and was always thankful for the help he received.
Tim was brilliant, having insights and understandings at the age of three that would stager most people. He wanted to further his education, but FIRST years of fun, he was determined to get. Tim knew how to have fun and often said, "(he'd) always be a kid."
At the same time he was a man of strong morals, of principal, and of integrity. Striving always, to live by them. Ever the loyal and generous friend, brother, and son.
Tim you will be greatly missed, but always with us. We love you.

Rest in Peace Kyle Lukas Byrnes 4/23/1994 07/03/2008
By:Katia Alvarez
At the Tender age of only twelve my dear cousin kyle succumbed to ALD he went into a coma after a violent convulsion due to excessive saliva in his lungs. He was blind in his right eye and at the time of his death he still mumbled but had a limited vocabulary. MOM I LOVE YOU and HI. We miss you gummi bear. LOVE Tania, Auntie, Katie and MOmmie. You are with our family always. Love you

Angels on Earth
By:Liza Romero
Instead of mourning the death of my cousin Raul Montilla or the diagnosis of his brother Alex Montilla, I would like to celebrate and commemorate their lives as angels here on earth.

Raul Montilla was a vibrant loving child who touched the lives of many. Although his passing was expected, it was devestating nonetheless. His time here on earth was precious. Raul's memory is survived by this mother Melanie, his brother Alex and beloved family members.

Raul's brother Alex continues his battle with ALD. Now at the age of 18 he is an adult but seen as a little angel in the eyes of his family.

Alex and Raul's mother, Melanie, dedicated her entire life to care of her two beloved sons. Although Melanie has lost one son to ALD she remains strong and faces life head on for the sake of her younger son Alex.

In this day and age where we all lead fast-paced hectic lives and take everything for granted, let us take a moment to slow down and appreciate the little things in life that many of us may not be so fortunate to enjoy.

In loving memory of our angel Raul Montilla and in celebration of the life of our angel on earth, Alex Montilla.

Passing of my baby brother
By:Sally Noble Hume
My younger brother just passed away on March 28th 2008 at the age of 42. He had ALD and was bedridden and couldn't communicate by the end of his life. I give my mother great credit for taking such good care of him the past 10 years. The past couple of years he has needed care 24/7. I will sorely miss him, I do remember the days he could walk and run and live life to the fullest. I also had an older brother who had ALD and passed away at the age of 20, in 1978. This is a terrible disease that I hope and pray one day there will be a cure for. I will always miss you Spence. I love you.

Missn' you Is so Hard
When i was younger i enjoyed my little brothers soo much there laughs the playing everything, but when i was 6 stuff started changing my little brothers eye started rolling off, he got it corrected a couple times but nothing seem to help him..... We took him to different doctors and no one seem to know what was goin on until we found a doctor at the university of chicago, by then it was too late the disease started to take over my little brother dj whom was 4 at the time. He would be sitting in the middle of the room and we would be calling him and it was like he couldnt even hear us... Then everything started to go he couldnt walk anymore talk or see he is still living today. I gave him a bonemarrow transplant once because i am a perfect match and a carrier, the last words i heard him say too me was i love you, he is still living today, but he cant really do anything its like he is in his own world it hurts me too see him like this his body is soo badly stiff from the disease. My other brother jordan got the disease when he was 8, i gave him bonemarrow twice it slowly stopped the disease too a point where he could understand what we would say to him and he could respond by shaking his head yes or no or smiling. He knew what the diease was by seeing what happened to his little brother. He died a year in a half ago he was my little hero, i found him dead in the room the disease finally caught up with him..... It hurts because this happened to both of my brothers. my mother never knew she was a carrier. I recently was pregnant and had gotten the amnio to see if i was having a boy and if he was infected, but it came too pass i had a girl....... R.I.P JORDAN HARRIS

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